Launched in December 2018, midnight & indigo is a new literary platform dedicated to publishing short fiction and narrative essays by Black female writers

Our digital platform, features a diverse array of voices that connect readers to content featuring strong female lead characters or a Black female POV; across the spectrum of experience - a new story is featured every week. We also publish 2-3 multi-author literary journals each year (print/ebook and/or audiobook).  Whether you’ve already been published or are just starting out, we want to hear from you! 

As a Black woman-owned start-up, we're so excited that you chose us as a potential medium for your voice.

Calls for Journal Submissions for Short Stories and Personal Essays will be held 3x per year, with deadlines on January 5th, April 7th and September 8th. Book Reviews focused on works by Black female authors will be accepted on a rolling basis.

To increase your chances of being published, please take some time to review our current content; to gain insight regarding the types of stories that resonate with our readers and editorial team.

NOTE: Due to volume, please allow 3-4 months to receive a decision from our team.

As a true start-up with an all-volunteer staff, thanks so much for your support as we get up-and-running!

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Word count: 1,000 words min

We are looking for previously unpublished reviews of books written by Black women authors. Submissions must be insightful, thoughtful, and indicative of having read the full narrative. Due to the nature of our platform, reviews focused on book within the literary fiction genre will have a better chance of getting published.

Please note: We are looking to hire an in-house writer for an on-going assignment. The candidate may be chosen from this pool.

Please DO NOT submit short stories or essays here; these submissions will automatically be rejected. Stay tuned for info re: the next Reading period. 

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